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The Ozzy  impersonator performed a version of the ballad "Mama, I'm Coming Home," which was originally written for Ozzy's wife and judge of the show Sharon Osbourne. TV GUIDE  May 30,2012

America's Got Talent,  Ozzy's wife Sharon Osbourne is a judge on the show and was clearly amused by the miniature version of her husband...Rolling Stone May 30 2012

If you didn't catch Little Ozzy, you missed one of the most entertaining acts I have ever seen...........The Horse Magazine Sept.2013

I have to tell you something. My Husband is away from me right now, it made me miss him even more by you singing me that song. So I really thank you. SHARON OSBOURNE

Wow! I really can not believe how much this little guy sounds like Ozzy, and he is very talented! HOWARD STERN SHOW June 2014

When I was walking in I thought they had Sabbath cranked up on the house music, It was   LITTLE (FU&$#!*) OZZY   SOUND CHECKING ! Jeff Keith, TESLA 

Little Ozzy puts on one hell of a tribute show ,  hell of a show! ....Robert Mason WARRANT

You see this very small man in stature with huge vocal pipes, it is pretty crazy.....Michael Wilton QUEENSRYCHE May 2013 The Midland Kansas City

Great Show Little Ozzy ! I heard ithe entire set from the RV ....Steve Whiteman KIX, Northern Va private party with Funny Money